About Lounge Sessions


Hotel Blue’s Lounge and Parlour Bar are perfect as a relaxed, intimate space for live music. It’s not your average venue – it’s a spacious Lounge in an authentic 1920s hotel.  During the 50s, the Lounge was reincarnated as a dance hall, complete with polished timber floors, and was home to Katoomba’s Friday night dances.  There was a grand piano in one corner and bench seating around the perimeter of the room where ladies would wait for a gentleman to ask them for a dance (the bench seats are still in place). Later in its life, the Lounge was carpeted and became a relaxing space for hotel guests to enjoy a good book and play board games with the family while basking in front of the open fireplaces. Today, this versatile space continues to function as a lounge room for hotel guests, while also serving as a venue for casual, intimate live music performances. The Lounge certainly wasn’t designed for live music but a funny thing happened the first time a jazz singer performed for ‘Prohibition Jazz’ at Hotel Blue in February 2014 – it sounded fantastic! In contrast to many live music venues located in concrete dungeons full of harsh echoes, Hotel Blue’s Lounge abounds in soft furnishings and produces a wonderful sound, which is particularly well-suited to jazz.

There is free live music every Friday &  Saturday Night, 6:30-8:30 pm.  These events are all ages and the bar & kitchen are open from 5:30 pm.

Lounge Sessions @ Hotel Blue is a project by ‘Music in the Mountains’ – check out a full range of events at multiple venues throughout the Blue Mountains!

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